Areas in which we have been consulting:

Ditial Innovation for Complojer Inneneinrichtung

Company Profile: Complojer Inneneinrichtung is a carpentry located in Wengen, Val Badia , a small village Wengen with 1.300 inhabitants. Although the small size, the village counts 12 carpenter companies. For this reason, Davide Complojer decided to create a new business field in order to remain competitive. To start the innovation process, Davide Complojer used the tool Open Innovation Südtirol.

Need: The company wanted to create a new business field producing furniture for children.

Solution: The DIH proposed to conduct an Open Innovation idea contest in order to use Crowdsourcing as tool for innovation. The contest has been successful. In total 81 different projects were presented to the jury. 58 citizens participated. The company implemented the winning idea into their product portfolio. The product is a success. The company received several awards for the project: German Design Award, European Product Design Award, Consumer Award 2015.

The company created a new online sales channel and entered different new markets such as Sweden and France.

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"Rapid-Prototyping" forFill Arte Holzschnitzerei

Company Profile: The Fillarte family workshop in Laion, at the gateway to Val Gardena, is devoted to craftsmanship. This is where Helmuth Fill brings his own designs to life: together with his wife Gertrud, son Mirko and brother Erich, he works with the finest wood from mountain forests to create exquisite carvings. These creations are then artistically hand-painted by diligent painters from the area.

Need: The company wanted to expand its range of products by developing high-quality, wooden kitchen utensils. In particular, it wanted to develop prototypes for pepper mills using 3D printing.

Solution: The DIH, together with its partners, proposed several rapid prototyping workshops. In collaboration with Fill Arte, the desired aspect of a pepper mill was determined, for which Fill Arte could use its existing skills in combination with new production techniques. In a design thinking workshop, several prototypes were drafted. The prototypes were then refined so that they could become part of a future series. As part of the project, the company developed a pepper mill, which was designed in 3D and produced using 3D printing. The skills acquired in the field of 3D printing will be useful also for future projects.

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More details see the project report

Financing for KAPL

Company Profile: Christian Plancker – KAPL. Christian Plancker is a wood sculptor from Val Gardena. Christian Plancker is an individual company selling their wood products all over Europe.

Need: Christian Plancker is a wood carver who wanted to create a fashion cap made out of wood.

Solution: Christian Plancker contacted the DIH presenting the idea of making a light and flexible fashion cap made of wood. We connected him with the product designer Studio Oberhauser and supported him during the development process. We supported him by giving access to regional funding possibilities. As next step we supported him in the preparation and execution of a reward-based Crowdfunding campaign on our platform Crowdfunding Südtirol-Alto Adige. The project has been successful. The funding goal of 5.000€ was exceeded by far, raising a total of 20.130€ by 86 supporters. Thanks to the successful campaign the company could create an e-commerce site where the KAPL head is being sold.

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Process Innovation for Gruber Türen

© Gruber Türen

Company Profile: Gruber Türen is a family owned company, founded in 1961 that is specialized in producing doors. The company has 40 employees.

Need: Gruber Türen wanted to digitize the business processes. The company wanted to understand which funding possibilities could be used for this purpose.

Solution: Gruber Türen received funding consultancy from the lvh.apa Hub. The law “Landesgesetz 14” funds activities regarding process innovation. The DIH supported the company in the preparation of the grant request. Further, the company was supported in the reporting activities in order to request the funding. 

Internationalisation for Dolomit Stone

Company Profile: Dolomit Stone In 1995 Markus Rabanser founded the company Dolomit Stone, which he, within a short time, turned into a modern company specialized in the field of stone processing. Since the son of the founder, Joachim Rabanser, joined the company in 2009, Dolomit Stone has been also increasingly active in the design of interiors (interior design) in addition to the production of stone facings.

Need: The company Dolomit Stone is specialized in interior and exterior design with natural stone. Due to the limited size of the local market, the company wanted to reach out to clients in other European countries.

Solution: The company has decided to opt for an export consultancy (temporary export manager) and jointly with the DIH is working on reaching out to new clients. In the course of the consultancy, the company benefited from an operational analysis/SWOT analysis, unique selling points as well as the target group were defined, and a market analysis was conducted. Eventually, a strategy and a marketing concept were developed, and the company is now engaging in several outreaching initiatives.

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© Dolomit Stone

Ecosystem Development with the Digi-Check Tool

Company profile: Several companies from different professional backgrounds.

Need: Small companies need to assess their digital maturity in order to plan further activities in digitization.

Solution: The lvh.apa DIH developed the Digicheck during an ERDF project named CRAFTech. More than 250 companies could evaluate their digital maturity. Those companies who wanted to deepen the topic of digitalization in SME could use a two-day consultancy package, hosted by Fraunhofer Italia and lvh.apa. The Digicheck was also shared with other associations such as Confartigianato Vicenza who is also recognized as European Digital Innovation Hub.

Find more information on the DigiCheck-Website (only available in German and Italian).

Training for Digitalisation

Company profile: Several companies from different professional backgrounds.

Need: The companies need to acquire knowledge in order to realize a digitalization strategy in the company.

Solution: lvh.apa organized in cooperation with the University SMBS Salzburg Business School the training program “Praxislehrgang Digitale Transformation”. The training was worth 40 ECTS points. The training was structured in 8 modules and covered the following topics: Trigger of digitalization, Ethics, Digital assistant technologies, Augmented and virtual reality, Introduction of a digital strategy in the own company, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Logistics and Blockchain, Internet of Things. The participants needed to prepare a paper elaborating a digitalization strategy for the own company. The training program took place from October 2019 to June 2020.

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Tech-Parcour Event

Company profile: Several companies from different professional backgrounds.

Need: Companies want to experience new technologies

Solution: lvh.apa organized the event Tech-Parkour where companies could experience new technologies. The event format was structured like an Innovation-Parkour where companies could go in small groups from technology-stand to technology-stand. In total, 12 stands where present. The stands owner where research labs at the NOI Techpark, the Free University of Bolzano and Companies such as Hilti or Würth who presented their digital solutions.

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